Monday, June 27, 2016

TWSC Director Dr. Ricardo T. Jose Receives his 2016 UPAA Distinguished Alumni Award

The UP Third World Studies Center Director, Dr. Ricardo T. Jose received his 2016 University of the Philippines Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award in Historical Scholarship and Research at the UP Bahay ng Alumni last 25 June 2016.

Below is an excerpt from Dr. Jose's nomination for the award:

Dr. Ricardo T. Jose is the country’s preeminent scholar on the Second World War in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific. A distinction he earned not only from his peers in the academe, both here and abroad, but also from the media and the public. He is also an expert in Japan-Philippine relations and the United States’s colonial rule of the Philippines. Dr. Jose’s preeminence in his chosen fields came about through his unparalleled devotion to excellent scholarship, his indefatigable intellectual curiosity coupled with meticulousness in research, and his generosity with his time and intellect....Awarding Dr. Jose with a Distinguished Alumnus Award not only affirms that his standards of scholarship are those that should be emulated, a true epitome of the academic values that the University stands for. Giving Dr. Jose such an honor affirms that for an alumnus of the national university, leading a life of the mind does not mean holing up in an ivory tower—it involves constantly finding ways to tie up one’s scholarly pursuits with the needs of the national community today and tomorrow.

Congrats Sir Rico!

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