Friday, July 01, 2016


The UP Third World Studies Center is making available to the public compiled digital copies of File No. 60, Marcos' Maharlika files from the US National Archives and Records Administration. These documents and correspondences show Ferdinand Marcos' attempts, starting from August 1945 to March 1948, to be recognized as the commanding officer of a guerilla unit called "Ang Mga Maharlika" during World War II. His requests were refused by the Philippine-Ryukus Command, calling his claims "fraudulent" and a "malicious criminal act."

These are the initial documents from the Maharlika files. Further documents will be uploaded through this post in the coming days.

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Correspondence between Marcos 
and US forces

18 August 1945
Ferdinand Marcos' first attempt for recognition of the Maharlika Unit.

18 December 1945
Follow-up Letter to US Army from Ferdinand Marcos.

7 June 1947
Assistant Adjutant General Thomas Brown's response to Ferdinand Marcos, denying recognition of Maharlika as guerilla unit.

16 July 1947
Cablegram from Ferdinand Marcos protesting the decision.

2 December 1947
Formal petition from Ferdinand Marcos as follow-up letter to earlier cablegram.

31 March 1948
Final and irrevocable refusal to Ferdinand Marcos, from the Headquarters of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command.


Internal Investigation Documents

Investigation by Captain Curtis in Response to Marcos' angry July 1947 cablegram.

March 1948
Strongly-worded discussion and rebuttal by Captain Curtis regarding the Maharlika Unit investigation, which led to 31 March 1948 final refusal against Ferdinand Marcos.