Saturday, November 18, 2017

Espesyal na Isyu ng Kasarinlan: Marcos Pa Rin!

UPDATE: This special issue is now on Kasarinlan's official website. Please go to This link cannot be accessed using DILNET due to migration of University of the Philippines Diliman Journals Online website.

The entire issue, which contains an additional appendix and some minor revisions, may also be accessed here.



1 Why Marcos Pa Rin!
Miguel Paolo P. Reyes and Ricardo T. Jose

Judy M. Taguiwalo · Nelson A. Navarro · Eduardo C. Tadem · Amado Mendoza Jr.
Rodrigo C. Domingo Jr. · Fe Buenaventura-Mangahas · Rita Melecio · Meynardo P. Mendoza · Roberto Diciembre · Karen Gomez-Dumpit

117 Forum 2 Rapporteur’s Report

125 Bonggang Bonggang Bongbong: Ang Rehabilitasyong Pulitikal ng mga Marcos
Teresita G. Maceda · Frank Cimatu · Raissa Robles 


277 1.1 UP BOR Approval of Renaming CBA

279 1.2 Letter of the CBA Dean to the UP BOR

297 1.3 Letter of the UPD Chancellor to the UP President

301 1.4 Philippine Economic Decision Making: The System and the Players

311 1.5 Nine-Hole Golf Course Is New Attraction on University Campus

315 1.6 Imelda and the Intellectuals

319 1.7 Mrs. Marcos Chides New Alma Mater

323 1.8 Resolutions in UP on the Suspension of the Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus

327 1.9 Presidential Decree No. 2, Presidential Decree No. 27, and Letter of Instruction 143

339 2.1 Celsa Hilao, et al. v. Estate of Ferdinand E. Marcos

349 2.2 Republic Act 10368

365 2.3 In Re Estate of Marcos Human Rights Litigation

377 2.4 Yuchengco v. Sandiganbayan

389 2.5 Chico River-Basin Development Project

397 2.6 Philippines: Testimonies on Human Rights Violations

407 2.7 Congressman Solarz Calls on President Marcos

413 2.8 Chico Protest Leader Mariflor Parpan

419 2.9 Subayco v. Sandiganbayan

425 3.1 Bongbong Marcos Biography from His Official Website

433 3.2 Bongbong Marcos’s Friendster

437 3.3 Bangui Windmills

447 3.4 Authorship of the National Youth Commission Act

449 3.5 Marcos v. Court of Appeals

453 3.6 Heir to the Throne

459 3.7 (Governor) Bongbong Marcos, Game Hunter

463 3.8 Senate Bill 2593

467 4.1 Marcos on Human Rights

469 4.2 Supreme Court Justice Calls for Lifting of Martial Law

473 4.3 Luneta v. Special Military Commission

475 4.4 A Greater Responsibility for Our Soldiers

479 4.5 Citizenship of Justice Claudio Teehankee Sr.

485 4.6 Marcos Diary Entry, 15 September 1971

491 4.7 Marcos Diary Entry, 16 September 1971

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

TWSC Holds Its 2017 Writeshop, 25-27 October 2017

The 2017 TWSC Writeshop 
Third World Studies Center, Lower Ground Floor, 
College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, 
Palma Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 
25-27 October 2017

About the writeshop 

The Third World Studies Center (TWSC) holds the 2017 TWSC Writeshop from 25 to 27 October 2017 in continuing its commitment to build the capacity of early career researchers, junior faculty members, and graduate students in the social sciences. As a premiere social science research center in the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines-Diliman, the TWSC continues to develop critical, alternative paradigms to promote progressive scholarship by undertaking pioneering research and publishing original, empirically-grounded, and innovative studies. 

Originally meant as a capacity-building workshop on social science research in 2010, the TWSC Writeshop transformed into a unique publication platform for early career researchers, junior faculty members, and graduate students in the social sciences. Since 2014, successful Writeshop participants were not only given the opportunity to interact with experts from the academe and the publishing industry, but also the opportunity to produce a publishable manuscript for the TWSC’s internationally refereed journal Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies

The 2017 TWSC Writeshop sustains the manuscript-driven mentoring format in the form of intensive yet collegial small-group discussions with mentors, established scholars in their respective fields and the Kasarinlan editorial staff. The intensive three-day session will bring into line problematization, researcher positionality and ethics, and meaningful narratives based on empirical work to equip the participants in making a contribution to social science scholarship, i.e., a publishable work. In seeing through the TWSC Writeshop’s goal, the Writeshop culminates in the publication of successful manuscripts in a special issue in Kasarinlan.

The writeshop fellows
  1. Matavia, Hilarion C. Jr., Philippine Science High School - Southern Mindanao Campus - "Dátäl Bôb – An Emerging Model For A Peaceful Polyethnic Community"
  2. Millondaga, Kenette Jean I., University of the Philippines – Mindanao - "Troubled Kahusayan: Klata Bagobo’s History of Violence and Unrest"
  3. Ruiz, Amihan T., University of the Philippines – Diliman - "Five in One: Local Meanings on the Proliferation of Mosques in Al Salam Compound, Culiat"
  4. Redison, Frances Anthea R., Ateneo De Manila University - "Kahilway ag kalisod: People’s Experiences cited in Philippine Historical Data Papers during Japanese Occupation in Aklan (Capiz) 1942-1945"
  5. Mansujeto, Patrick John F., University of the Philippines – Diliman - "Wings of Supremacy: The Start of Aviation in the Philippines, 1909-1919"
  6. Arguelles, Cleve Kevin Robert V., University of the Philippines – Manila - "Reconceptualizing populism: Perspectives from the Philippine populist publics"
  7. Bunquin, Jon Benedik A., University of the Philippines – Diliman - "A Profile of the Political Communication Network of the Filipino Youth"
  8. Fernandez, Maria Carmen, Independent researcher - "Implementing Peace and Development in the Bangsamoro: Potentials and Constraints of Socio-Economic Programs for Conflict-Affected Areas in Southern Philippines, 1913-2015"
  9. Esquejo, Kristoffer R., University of the Philippines – Diliman - "Family and Politics in an Archipelagic Province: The Legacy of Moreno Brothers in Post-War Romblon, 1949-1969"
  10. Alporha, Veronica C., University of the Philippines – Los Baños - "Manuel Quezon and the Filipino Women’s Suffrage of 1937"
  11. Nubla, Frances Michelle, Ateneo De Naga University - "The Dynamics of Single Parenting"
Photos from the event

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3