Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Docu co-produced by TWSC is 2016 Active Vista Best Human Rights Short Film

From the Active Vista Facebook Page.
Photo courtesy of  Bernalyn H. Sastrillo.
The Third World Studies Center (TWSC) is very proud to announce that “Naglalahong Pamana (Fading Heritage)” is the 2016 Active Vista Best Human Rights Short Film.

Organized by the Dakila Media Collective for Modern Heroism, the 2016 Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival features ten select entries of “human rights themed short films whose fresh takes and innovative approaches will inspire revolutions of the mind and create movements.”

Active Vista cited the documentary film "for giving a relevant, poignant, and sensitive discourse on a tribe's loss of land and culture because of minings and plantations."

“Naglalahong Pamana” was produced by the TWSC in partnership with the Department of Political Science of the Université de Montréal under the project, REINVENTERRA (International Research Network on Exploitation and Usage of Nature, Land, and Resources in Africa, Asia, and Latin America).

Early this year, “Naglalahong Pamana” was judged Best Documentary Film and was the Golden Philippine Eagle Festival Director's Choice at the Singkuwento International Film Festival (SIFF) by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

The documentary tells the story of Panglima Kenisio Malasan, a traditional leader of a Palaw’an tribe. Through him, the tribe’s tradition is passed on to the next generation—a tradition rooted in the land. But the Panglima wonders how their way of life can endure in the face of relentless encroachment of mines palm oil plantations. In a poignant dialogue between father and son, the Panglima and his child share fears for the future of their tribe.

“Naglalahong Pamana” is co-directed by Lucy Lavirotte, Jerrica Manongdo, Berna Sastrillo, and David Simantov-Levi.

Watch “Naglalahong Pamana” now.

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