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Seminar-Workshop on Land Access Issues in Southeast Asia

Seminar-Workshop on Land Access Issues in Southeast Asia
29 July 2016, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Third World Studies Center
College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
University of the Philippines-Diliman

Among the consistent results of the Consortium for the Asian Democracy Index (CADI) surveys conducted in selected Southeast Asian countries since 2011 is the dismal state of asset distribution—i.e., land ownership—in those countries. Meanwhile, the work of the International Research Network on Exploitation and Usage of Nature, Land, and Resources in Africa, Asia and Latin America, or REINVENTERRA, since 2014 has highlighted various issues on access to natural resources and the conditions under which they are exploited, e.g., various forms of (state-sanctioned) land-grabbing. This by-invitation seminar-workshop brings together researchers affiliated with either of these two networks, as well as other researchers working on land access issues, at the Third World Studies Center (TWSC) of the University of the Philippines, where access to critical resources is a constant concern; among other activities, in February 2015, the Center served as secretariat of the international conference entitled “Contested Access to Land in the Philippines and Indonesia: How Can the Rural Poor (Re)gain Control?”  

Participants in this seminar-workshop shall have the freedom to discuss any contentious land access issue or issues particular to their country or the region—from how tourism conflicts with traditional land use, to how agrarian reform is progressing (if at all). Also among the participants of this workshop are a team of young video documentary filmmakers who will show their work-in-progress, a short documentary on land reclamation in the Philippine province of Cebu.

Among the aims of the workshop is to draw parallels in the land access/appropriation/transformation issues in different Southeast Asian countries. Questions to be tackled may be in the vein of “Who is benefitting from land grabbing, or the continued non-implementation of land reform?” or “Can the displacement of certain communities for particular massive infrastructure projects be justified?” The proceedings of the seminar-workshop may be transcribed and published in an issue of TWSC’s journal, Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies.



Welcome remarks

Introduction of participants and overview of the seminar-workshop

Coffee break

Session 1: Senior researchers on land access issues in Southeast Asia 

On the land reform movement in Thailand
Naruemon Thabchumpon 
Assistant Professor, Department of Government, and
Director, Master of Arts in International Development Studies Programme
Chulalongkorn University 

On land grabbing for tourism in Indonesia 
Fariz Panghegar 
Centre for Political Studies
Department of Political Science 
University of Indonesia

On agrarian reform beneficiaries and the dynamics of exclusion in Negros Occidental, the Philippines
Rosanne Rutten 
Affiliated Researcher
Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences
University of Amsterdam 

Open forum

Lunch break

Sessions 2: New/ongoing research on land access issues in Southeast Asia 

On the contested development of the tourism landscape of Nasugbu, Batangas, the Philippines
Hazel M. Dizon 
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography 
College of Social Sciences and Philosophy 
University of the Philippines Diliman 

On opposition to the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport in the Philippines
Hansley A. Juliano (principal presenter)
Department of Political Science
School of Social Sciences 
Ateneo de Manila University

On land use as a site of contestation, evidenced by social narratives of peasants in rural Vietnam
Maria Ima Carmela Ariate
Graduate Student  
Asian Center 
University of the Philippines Diliman

Open forum

15:00 - 15:15
Coffee break

15:15 - 16:45
Presentation on and screening of work-in-progress video documentary on reclamation projects in Cebu 

Lucien Beucher, Paula Mae Ceracas, Patricia-Ruth Cailao, and Marie Isabelle Rochon Duran 
REINVENTERRA Video Documentary Team 
University of the Philippines Diliman and University of Montreal
Open forum 

16:45 - 17:00


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