Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Zerowork: From abolition of work to instead of work (A Public Lecture by Bob Black)

About the lecture:

Bob Black’s 1985 essay has received too much attention. “No one should ever work,” thus it begins and “Workers of the world…relax!” and 30 years since, a lot has happened in between. BB’s arguments against work and the right to be lazy is still relevant given the global financial crisis, ecological disaster and ASEAN integration. Bob’s proposition from abolition of work to the passage of productive play, “life will become a game, or rather many games, but not-as it is now-zero/sum game.” According to BB, his anti-work writings during the last three decades are addressed to everybody, but more particularly to anyone who are already working, who is looking for work or who doesn’t have work at all, which includes virtually everybody. Far from being a play on words, Bob longs for open discussion and polemics for and against work. Therefore, it's an open invitation to discuss not only work but play, leisure, ludic lifestyle, technology among others. Come, let’s play.

About the speaker:

Bob Black is an anarchist author based in United States whose training in jurisprudence and anarchism often confronts each other. Black has produced more than 50 titles on topics that range from human rights, democracy, art, technology, among others—apart from anarchy, anarchism, and other celebrity anarchists. The Abolition of Work and other essays (1985) is mainly associated with him and his most recent work is Instead of Work (2015). He is interested to discuss The Myth of Human Rights and Dispute Mediation from primitive societies and contemporary times.


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