Monday, June 15, 2015

The 2015 TWSC Writeshop

The UP Third World Studies Center held its 2015 Writeshop on 8-10 June 2015. The writeshop featured as lecturers Professor Randy David, Dr. Francis Gealogo, Dr. Raul Pertierra, Dr. Maria Luisa Camagay, and Dr. Jose Neil Garcia. 

The following were our writeshop fellows: Matthew David D. Ordonez (Ateneo de Manila University), Lady Flor N. Partosa (Siliman University), Hazel M. Dizon (University of the Philippines-Diliman), Mark Anthony M. Velasco (De La Salle University), Hansley A. Juliano (Ateneo De Manila University), Katrina S. Navallo (University of the Philippines Diliman), Maria Cynthia B. Barriga (Ateneo De Manila University), and Lloyd B. Ranises (Mindanao State University). Please click here for more details re their manuscript submissions.

The 2015 TWSC Writeshop was organized by the TWSC in continuing its commitment to build the capacity of early career researchers, junior faculty members, and graduate students in the social sciences. Envisioning itself as a premiere social science research center in the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines-Diliman, the TWSC continues to develop critical, alternative paradigms to promote progressive scholarship by undertaking pioneering research and publishing original, empirically-grounded, and innovative studies. The 2015 TWSC Writeshop serves as a dais linking academic research and publication, where select participants are not only given the opportunity to interact with experts from the academe and the publishing industry, but also to produce a publishable manuscript for the TWSC’s internationally refereed and CHED-accredited (A-2, Very Good - Excellent)  journal Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies.

In 2010, the TWSC conducted its pilot research workshop entitled “Writing for Social Sciences Research” that presented the rudimentary process of academic research and writing in the social sciences for UP Diliman social science students. In 2012, it held its second research workshop, “Multidisciplinary Perspectives and Methodologies in the Social Sciences” that centered on multidisciplinarity and theoretical and methodological training within and outside the social sciences. In 2014, the TWSC launched “The 2014 UP TWSC Writeshop” with the belief that if one is to commit to the changing zeitgeist/sociocultural agenda of research, s/he has to effectively contribute to the body of knowledge in her/his interest, to establish networks with scholars with similar research interests, and to obtain critique for the continuous improvement of one’s research output. The 2015 TWSC Writeshop sustains this academic tradition.

The 2015 TWSC Writeshop featured academic lectures; small group discussions with journal editors; and a plenary presentation as culminating activity. The lectures encompass: 1) problematizing theory in the social sciences; 2) the contribution of quantitative research to knowledge production in the social sciences; 3) the contribution of qualitative research to knowledge production in the social sciences; 4) research and publication ethics in the social sciences; and 5) the academic publication process. In seeing through the TWSC Writeshop’s goal in equipping successful applicants, who would then be called Writeshop Fellows, the Writeshop extends to the publication process and concludes with the publication of the finished manuscripts in a special issue in Kasarinlan

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