Friday, January 30, 2015

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: Contested Access to Land in the Philippines and Indonesia, an international conference

Contested Access to Land in the Philippines and Indonesia: 
How Can the Rural Poor (Re)gain Control?
An International Conference
16-17 February 2015
GT Toyota Asian Cultural Center, Asian Center,
University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City

The Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, the Asian Center, and the Third World Studies Center, will be holding an international conference, Contested Access to Land in the Philippines and Indonesia: How Can the Poor (Re)gain Control? from 16 to 17 February 2015 at the Asian Center and the University Hotel, both in the University of the Philippines Diliman.

This two-day conference reflects critically on recent trends in land-related issues, including a “global land grab,” the leasing of land to more capitalistic entrepreneurs, and other types of investments that alienate poor land users from their land. Contested by various stakeholders in varying ways and degrees, these land-deals render the rural poor vulnerable, voiceless, and disempowered, and have become an urgent concern of researchers and nongovernmental organization (NGO) activists.

This conference is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, but pre-registration is REQUIRED. Please visit the conference's official website here to register.

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION is on 10 February 2015.

For more information about the conference, contact Joel Ariate, the conference secretariat, via

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