Friday, August 24, 2012

Documentary on Climate Change


Please click here for the documentary.

About the video documentary:

"A Tide of Change: Vulnerability in a Changing Climate" is a product of the collaborative efforts of six young individuals from multidisciplinary perspectives from the University of the Philippines-Diliman and the University of Montreal, Canada. The video documentary aims to highlight the increasing vulnerability of people in regions previously unaffected by extreme weather disturbances in the case of Cagayan De Oro (CDO), Northern Mindanao through typhoon Sendong. It features the lives of Sendong victims in different resettlement communities in CDO, six months after Sendong's wake---from the best rehabilitation practices in Xavier Ecoville to the inherent problems in resettlement camps---to build on the pressing need to go beyond the reactionary frame of disaster risk reduction and management to that of preparedness. Otherwise, tent cities could soon become the norm.

About the Student for Development project:

The University of the Philippines Third World Studies Center (TWSC) is one of the partner institutions of the Department of Political Science of the University of Montreal on a Video Documentary Project called Student for Development. The project began last 2011 with four other countries, Brazil, India, Mali, and Senegal implementing an internship program. The Philippine project is unique in piloting the video documentary component of the project. This year, undergraduate political science students from the University of Montreal teamed up with TWSC interns. The project lasted for four months of collaborative work on the video documentary, which will be uploaded to a bilingual blog that can then be used for teaching and awareness-raising by non-governmental and grassroots organizations.

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