Friday, May 05, 2006

Kasarinlan Call for Papers: Culture and Identity Issue

Rapid development of information technology, the proliferation of transnational capital exchange, the broadening reach of mass media, labor subcontracting, large-scale consumption, and mass migration have opened up new pathways for the critical analysis of culture and identity formation. These developments are sometimes heralded as promising avenues of unbridled progress, which serve as resources for the emergence of new modes of knowledge, identity and cultural expression. But these developments also tend to conceal the reality of uneven development, which prompts us to question contemporary identity formation and construction, and its implications in everyday life, especially in so-called Third World countries.
Understanding transformations of identity and culture also calls for a reexamination of conventional discourses of gender, ethnicity, and nationhood.

This issue of Kasarinlan will feature theoretical, methodological and conceptual issues of identity and cultural representation as they may be linked directly or indirectly to politics, economy, military, and social life, with the view to charting new alternative discourses. Some topics include:

• nationalism
• regionalism
• transnationalism
• social movements
• democracy and human rights
• race, ethnicity and citizenship
• gender and sexuality
• language and literature
• mass consumerism
• tourism and the environment
• mass media and new technologies

The journal is interested in publishing concise, theoretically-grounded empirical research with a high degree of scholarship. Interested contributors must submit a draft article of at least 6,000 but no more than 8,000 words, excluding the abstract. The abstract should have a maximum of 300 words. In addition, the author should indicate at least six keywords discussed in the paper.

Contributors must exercise care, precision, and honesty in citing sources using the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. It is assumed that manuscripts submitted for publication have not been published in print or electronically, in any other journal or some other form of publication, or submitted for possible publication elsewhere. See the complete Notes for Contributors.

Deadline for submission of manuscripts is on 31 December 2006.

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